MPSI consists of a three-year training program, which provides instruction expressly designed for city and county public service supervisors, managers and directors. The MPSI course is divided into three one-week sessions (one week each year) focusing on training in public service and enhancing individual growth and professional development. The sessions are nonsequential and one may begin the three-year cycle at any time. The MPSI Planning Committee has worked diligently in planning an exceptional program designed around challenges faced by public service professionals from municipalities of all sizes.

MSPI PROGRAM 2022 SUPERVISORY SKILLS | April 3-8, 2022 or September 18-23, 2022  
Effective Supervision in Public Works  |  Time Management  |Generational Differences  |  Violence in the Workplace: Are We Prepared?  |  Legal Update  |  Successful Training Techniques and Approaches for Today’s Workforce  |  Keys to Employee Development  |  How to Build Dynamic Team Cohesiveness  |  Conducting a Performance Appraisal  |  Eureka to Action

MPSI PROGRAM 2023 DELIVERING SERVICE EXCELLENCE | April 2-7, 2023 or September 17-22, 2023 
Delivering Service Excellence and Indicators of Excellence  |  Understanding the Budgeting Process  |  Managing Problem Employees  Legal Update  Emotional Intelligence  |  How to Successfully Manage Change  |  Mastering Customer Service  |  Communication and Service Excellence

MPSI PROGRAM 2024 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT | April 7-12, 2024 or September 22-27, 2024
Conflicting Demands on Public Works  |  Leadership in Public Works  |  It’s a Matter of Your Style  |  Grievances and Arbitration   |  Handling the Media  |  Understanding Michigan Politics  |  Creative Problem Solving and Strategic Planning  |  Employee Motivation and Loyalty  |  Communicating for Success  |  Effective Team Membership

Visit the MPSI website for more information at the following link.

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