APWA Michigan Chapter President’s Message


Hello again Michigan Chapter members.

It is hard to believe, but I am already nearing the end of my term as President.  Everyone was telling me how quickly the year would go by, and you were all correct!  I feel like we just started this adventure a few weeks ago.  It has truly been an honor serving our membership this past year.  I have got to meet and work with so many wonderful people.  The duties and interactions I have had as President just further instilled in me how great of an organization this is.

There are so many opportunities within our organization for our membership to grow; both professionally and personally.  If you are a member that does not take advantage of these opportunities, then I urge you to start now.  It is very easy.  Contact your local branch, attend a local meeting, sign up for a networking event, or sign up to attend the Great Lakes Expo (GLX).  The APWA Michigan Chapter’s website has a wealth of information, including; member contact information, educational opportunities, networking events, and state chapter events.  For those seeking the best training around, look no further than the Michigan Public Services Institute (MPSI), or the Road’s Scholar program.  These programs both offer unparalleled training that is specific to Public Services.  The MPSI has been offered annually for the past 32 years, and is still selling out years in advance.  That alone, should indicate how popular this training is.

If you cannot attend one of these trainings, then there are other offerings such as snow plow rodeos and winter workshops, equipment tradeshows, lunch & learn events, and numerous social networking activities.  There is literally something for everyone to get involved with.

As I come to the end of my term, I look forward to continuing my involvement and promoting all things Public Works for our organization.  Thank you again for the opportunity to represent and lead the APWA Michigan Chapter this past year.  It has been a great experience!


Best regards,


Bob Belair, PE

Director of Public Services

Charter Township of Northville


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